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How to Bake The Perfect Cake

Learning how to bake the perfect cake comes down to far more that just following the ‘perfect’ recipe. By noting the following points, the likelihood of a successful outcome will be far greater, resulting in a successful cake time after time. Practice makes perfect As with learning any skill, experience is golden. Enthusiasm plays an […]

Care of Cake Tins

The issue regarding care of cake tins and best practice leaves experts divided in their opinions on the matter. However, the following points are worth considering: Washing Tins Some people recommend that you must never wash up a cake tin, whereas other advocate that you should. Whatever the choice, dirty cake tins obviously have to […]

Conversions Guide For Square And Round Cake Tins

Whenever the terms square and round cake tins enter a conversation, you can be assured that a question related to either of the following with crop up: Question 1. Volumes For a given size of tin, which one will hold a larger volume? Question 2. Recipes How do I adjust a recipe from a square […]

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